Quality Assurance Best Practices For Custom Software Development

By Jake Gavin

Quality Assurance, or QA exists for a very specific reason, that reason being to mitigate those risks associated with software development. Quality, when talking of software, is meeting the expectancies of the purchaser. Considering this, you and your company must meet the budget limits while sticking to the cut-off point in question. It sounds straightforward, but issues will arise that serve to offset you timeline and at last make this simple task, a very tough one. Quality assurance testing can be put into effect by a fair QA manager. Avoiding problems before they arise is without question the nicest thing you can do.

This effort, as with any effort, should start at the very top. The first thing you have to understand is that Quality Assurance and Software Testing are two different things. If you are testing software, then you're identifying mistakes, but you are not committing yourself to fixing them. There are more than a few pieces of software that have a tendency to go out without real solutions, and they frequently finish up in the bargain bin. If you want to release a piece of quality software, then you'll need to ensure that high quality software assurance testing is implemented together with solutions.

Software quality assurance testing can open up one of 2 roads. From one perspective it can make a successful company, or it can completely destroy it. One of the largest mistakes a company can make is assuming the client will be happy with an early release of the programme. A date of release should clearly be set so the client will know what to expect, but a unrealistic release date is something that may kill your company. The problem with rushed software is that it generally turns out cart, or it could even be unfinished. Yes, you'll generate revenue much earlier, but you will start to lose money right after that. Your reputation will be damaged, and lots of the software you sold will be returned.

If you'd like to stop Problems from arising, then you want to enact some defensive measures. You'll need a QA team that can test software, check requirements, and make a package that ultimately meets the requirements of the buyer. Unless you hire the right staff and prepare a practical schedule, you will not attain your ambitions.

If you don't go through the correct quality assurance testing, then you'll likely be releasing unfinished software. If at all possible try to automated your tests using memory analyzers and code coverage. This could reduce the need for personnel naturally, and will lower the mandatory funding. With a good QA team you will see integrated communication utilizing the following:


Bug Tracking


Internal Networks

All these will act to provide up to date info for everyone. With a good QA team and a will to survive, you can push forward and make a great software package for your customers.

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