Microsoft Sharepoint For Effective Project Management

By Jake Gavin

Project management involves keeping on top of a good range of jobs. A project executive is responsible for determining what resources a project wants allotting these resources and watching over budget, keeping track of deadlines and ensuring the project remains within scope across the project's lifecycle. As you'd expect, this means managing a large volume of info; but thanks to the attempts of SharePoint application development execs, SharePoint and other PMIS (project management info systems) shed light on this work.

The standard practice is to make a timeline of meetings, milestones for the project and other significant events and to revise this timeline as needed as the project proceeds. One of the advantages introduced by Microsoft SharePoint development is the integration of SharePoint and Outlook, which enables the easy creation of project calendars complete with scheduling of daily, weekly or hourly events to keep the whole team in the loop. Project bosses can also attach Excel and other documents to entries on the project calendar to this end.

A successful project boss works to ensure that their team works together to meet project markers. One of the difficulties faced by many project bosses now has different groups in different locations working on the same project. This, luckily has also been addressed by Microsoft's SharePoint application development team and it's now straightforward to set automated e-mail alerts in SharePoint to team members. Project managers can set these alerts using e-mail lists as well as configuring them to be despatched only when specific events occur. These alerts can be updated everyday weekly or in real time depending on the wants of the project.

Since many projects involve a large number of staff working with a single document, Microsoft SharePoint development has needed to unravel this issue also. The solution was a system where users can reserve a document while they edit it; till they finish working with the document, it can be viewed though not edited by others. Something else which has been added in the procedure of SharePoint application development is an automated version control system using a document library. If the default overwrite setting is changed by a project boss, SharePoint will then organize and archive older versions of documents in the library.

One thing that each project executive desires is the power to get in contact with their team members; SharePoint includes contact lists to store not only contact information, but pictures of personnel also. These photos aid identification of often far-flung groups as well as fostering a sense of team membership. These features are some distance from the sole tools which SharePoint application development has brought to project executives, but they're among the typically used. SharePoint won't be the only PMIS on the market, however it is employed generally and becoming more so due to its simplicity of use and relatively light learning curve.

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