Plumbing for your Residence

By Zoey Walker

The plumbing system in your home is an important, yet often overlooked, part of your house. A plumbing system relies on the basic laws of gravity and pressure to function correctly. As you know, water always flows down hill and when in a containment, for example a plumbing system, gravity will force the water to level out as much as possible. This is the reason water towers are built on stilts, so the water supply will always be above any third floor sink or shower.

Now that you understand how the basic principles of a water system work, you can apply this knowledge toward your home pluming system. To keep your plumbing system functioning correctly, your goal is to maintain clear pipelines and pressure throughout the system.

The basic home pluming system is made up of 2 distinct sub systems. One system brings the fresh water in and the other takes the used water out into the public sewage system. The basic laws of gravity and pressure mentioned above enable water to enter your home without the requirement for any electric powered machinery. Similarly, your plumbing system uses gravity (this time without pressure) to drain used water from your house and into the sewage system.

As a home owner, you may run into plumbing issues occasionally. To get ready for any potential issue, you need to become familiar with the location of the primary shutoff valve. If a leak or backup were to happen, the very first thing you must do is shut off the inflow of water to restrict the damage to your home. When you do this, you'll be in a position to take the time to find a plumber or fix the issue yourself.

To avoid any potential problems, you should follow some simple rules to keep your plumbing system working in the right way. Never flush things down the commode that won't quickly deteriorate. Toilet tissue is designed to deteriorate but wet napkins are not, for instance. You should also never pour liquified fats down a sink drain. These will cool down inside your drain and can clog the pipes over time.

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