NYC Building Violations Can Easily Be Avoided

By Chloe Gib

Laws have been formed so that a system of decent and acceptable living conditions may prevail and tenants or occupants not be exposed to any kind of harm or injury. If legislation regarding NYC building violations is not considered and blatantly overlooked, a heavy fine or incarceration could be imposed. In over the top transgressions, the lawbreaker could end up with both.

Property owners are placing themselves at risk of claims being rejected by insurance companies if everything is not in order. By law they should be in place before the tenants occupy the premises. Particular care must be taken to ensure fire safety and no compromises must be made when it comes to using appropriate fire-stops.

Often times a reconstruction job is performed where the safety laws are thrown out the window. As with some individuals it may as well be a case of ignorance, many do so to save on professional labor and material costs. This could turn into a disaster in case of a fire as the cheap substances will not be able to slow it down.

It would add to the well-being of all citizens if building code consultants are approached and consulted. In this manner all kinds of mistakes can be avoided and the right applications used for the job. The department is open to public on weekdays over office hours.

Concerned tenants who are aware of deteriorating conditions on their premises should alert the authorities as soon as possible. A careful note should be made of the potential hazard and then given to the owner of the property. Hard evidence where there are traces of rodent or cockroach infestations gives your case a solid foot to stand on if the landlord wants to avoid the situation altogether.

Houses or dwellings that have been illegally reconstructed into separate living areas to accommodate tenants are fast becoming a big problem in urban areas. Basements are a popular target as well as the addition of extra rooms and significant interior changes. These require legal permission from the authorities before work can be done. Owners are aware of the procedures but choose to ignore them altogether.

Illegal tenants in an apartment block can cause overcrowding and seriously impact on the quality of life of the other residents. Many homeowners are not quite aware that this incorporates an illegal dwelling according to the NYC building violations and has happily accommodated tenants. With so many home foreclosures and families seeking affordable accommodation, these types of dwellings have sprung up like mushrooms and owners have been cashing in on lucrative money-making opportunities.

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