How To Plan A Party With BBQ Catering

By Chloe Gib

BBQ catering Virginia is a good choice for a family cookout or a patio party. Traditional Virginia barbecue consist of being smoked over wood chips and basted with a sweet and spicy red sauce. Maryland BBQ is served with a red, sweet and hickory sauce. If you are having a lot of people over to the house for a casual dinner, then you want to consider BBQ catering Maryland.

People who are planning to have a cookout have to choose a menu for serving to the guests. The host can choose a menu or choose from the food options available through the food service business. The menu should consist of a variety of items, such as hotdogs, ribs, chicken, brisket, pulled pork or hamburgers.

It is important to ask the restaurant about the side dishes included with the meal. This information is a necessity because the person giving the party may have to provide additional items. Some catering companies include service and cutlery. If not, you have to buy flatware, table covers, bowls, cups, napkins and plates. There is also the possibility of having to buy other condiments besides barbecue sauce, such as mustard, ketchup, hot sauce or mayonnaise.

If the business is going to just cook the food and have it ready for pick up, then you will need to find a way to keep it warm. The food can be kept warm by using aluminum foil and foil pans. Preparation is the key for the party going smoothly. If you are preparing any side dishes, then it should be done a day ahead of time.

Side items like potato salad and coleslaw should be refrigerated to keep fresh. When serving warm food items, it helps to make a day ahead, store in a foil pan and refrigerate until the next day. Hosts can benefit from following a schedule. Meats and side dishes should be warmed up an hour before serving the food. The items are kept warm by storing in aluminum until ready to serve.

It is common for restaurants to serve chicken and ribs with a variety of sauces. Guests should have the option of choosing between the sauces when eating Virginia barbecue. The sauce can be served on the side, which is best when dealing with picky eaters.

Buffet style is an option when serving Virginia barbecue to a large crowd. Guests can form a line and put food on their plate. Most hosts want to impress with good food and good entertainment. Selecting a good BBQ catering Maryland company involves getting recommendations and reading reviews.

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