How You Can Ensure Safety During Night Shift

By Liessa E Dyer

It is true what they say regarding convenience store clerks: in spite of being cooped up in one small space for a lengthy period of time, we get to see a great deal of exciting things. To be quite honest, the "excitement" which I have seen to date, right after working for six months as a night-shift convenience store cashier, has been one too many.

My unpleasant encounters with a number of unsavory individuals had me consulting with my buddies on self-defense and looking into stun guns and Tasers at a number of online shops.

By asking around, I discovered that one reason a Taser is effective is that it utilizes electro-muscular disruption technology (EMD). Another is that it works both at long range as well as in close quarters.

Having this under consideration, I acquired a Taser C2 Gold Kit that included one Taser unit, two 15-foot live cartridges, a blue-colored training cartridge, a holster, and one practice target.

It was a toss-up between that and a Taser C2 Platinum Kit that was consists of the same items plus 2 extra 15-foot live cartridges and a training manual. However, I finally chose the Gold Kit.

The dual-action Taser C2 that I got not just works at short range upon contact, just like a stun gun does, but also has long-range ability owing to its use of 2 probes connected to 15-foot wires. Moreover, it has a built-in LED light for illumination during the night and makes use of an anti-felon ID system that deters improper use through computerized background checks.

My Taser has EMD technology working in tandem with typical stun gun technology. This way, it can debilitate attackers regardless of their threshold for pain while staying non-lethal and dealing no long term injury.

I realize that being armed with stun guns and Tasers doesn't stop stick-ups or any other kind of harassment. However, simply knowing that I am perfectly able to protect myself no matter what is sufficient for me.

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