Gift Etiquette Rules That Need To Be Taken Into Consideration At Every Wedding

By Dorothy Lewis

When it comes to one of the happiest events of our life, weddings are in the top three events and gift etiquette rules make it even better. This means that there are certain etiquette rules regarding gift offering at a wedding. For example, if you want to send a gift, but you did not have time to send it before the wedding, you have up to three months after the wedding to send it to the happy couple. The good news is that you can start offering a gift since the engagement party.

It is a matter of manners and etiquette to be considerate when offering wedding gifts, meaning that if you do not want to offer a gift per say, you are allowed to offer a gift certificate and even a check. However, when choosing the gift certificate and the store for which you want to offer it, you should be sure that the happy couple would be able to use the certificate to buy something that they will definitely use. The gift certificate should respect all gift etiquette rules.

In terms of offering a check, if you wish to offer it before the wedding, you need to address it to one of them, but if you wish to offer it right after the wedding, the check needs to be addressed to "Mr and Ms". If you sent the present and you didn't receive any thank you card, it is permitted to contact the bride or the groom and ask if they got the gift or not.

If the party invitation specified that the couple does not want any gifts, it is a matter of party etiquette and respect to follow along with the recommendations given. This simply means that if they do not desire a gift, you should not offer one, only if they are very close to you. If the couple chose to register to a department store, it will be much easier to pick the perfect gift because they already chose the objects they would like. This means that the couple will like the present for sure.

When it comes to gift etiquette rules for the ones receiving the gifts, it is very important not to use any of the gifts at the wedding reception or in front of the guests. It is also not allowed to write anything about the gift you might prefer on the invitation card. It is a matter of gift etiquette to make all the guests feel good at the wedding reception and to make them feel equal, regardless of the gift they have offered you.

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