How To Have Mega Doses Of Fun In San Antonio

By Alex Johnson

So you've heard that San Antonio can be one heck of a fun place, huh? Well, you know what, it's true! Believe the hype my friend! The truth is, a lot of people miss most of the best stuff because they are all focused on the main attractions, not realizing there's a whole bunch of hidden gems lurking in the corners and even centers of this great city. Don't be one of these people who think that SA is all about just an Alamo, some zoo and some aquarium thing.

My favorite thing to point out to tourists is something that I didn't use to have to point out. It used to be the case that most tourists had a trip to the Tower of Americas planned out right after the Alamo. Somehow though, over the years it's no longer as famous to tourists. Let me assure you, it has not become any less impressive or fun to visit. So make sure to visit it!

For those of you who are into the foodie culture, be sure to take a walk down La Vilitta. It's essentially this artisan village that has a very unique selection of restaurants, and not many tourists know about it. Most of them do however know about the River Walk. What you might not know is that if you over the entire length you keep discovering new and different, unique restaurants. So don't be lazy, and explore!

If you're done eating some fine tex-mex, it's time to move and purvey some fine art. For that I suggest the McNay museum first of all, not because it's the best, but because you can brag to friends about having seen some Picasso and some Van Gogh. If you're in the mood for some more art, just take a ganger at the San Antonio Art Museum.

Oh, and if you're still not satisfied, let me tell you, this city can throw more at you than you can ever handle! Not even the most ambitious traveler will be left out of things to do and see! Other things to have fun with are the already obvious zoo, sea world, the natural history museum, the Spanish governor's palace, scobee's planetarium, and even the children's museum. Speaking of children, this city houses the first theme park dedicated to children with special needs, and those bound by wheelchairs.

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