Exploring the Health Benefits of Yogurt in the Mediterranean Diet

By Ray Darken

Did you know that yogurt is among the foods that come highly recommended in the Mediterranean diet? If you take a more careful look at the standard Mediterranean diet pyramid, you can see yogurt right there at the third level, with cheese, poultry and eggs. As such, it is generally recommended that you consume moderate amounts of yogurt on a regular or weekly basis.

Therefore what makes it a superb food choice for sounder health? These are some reasons why.

All sorts of yogurt are packed with nutriments. Yogurt contains significant amounts of protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12. As such, eating the advised quantity of yogurt on a daily or weekly basis can help you maintain stronger bones, prevent the onset of osteoporosis and cut back your possibility of asthma, hypertension and coronary disease, among others.

It contains beneficial probiotics. Yogurt contains gut friendly probiotics such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Some makers even add other beneficial microbes like L. Acidophilus L. Casei and Bifidus to help promote a healthier digestive system. These favorable bacterial cultures can help you deal with a selection of digestion-related problems including constipation diarrhoea lactose related intolerance H. Pylori infection inflaming bowel disease and even colon cancer. Additionally these microorganisms were also proven to lift the immune system deter vaginal illnesses and reduce infants ' sensitivity to eczema.

It helps keep you feeling fulle r. Recent studies suggest that nibbling on yogurt can cause you to feel fuller longer particularly when you eat plain non fat Greek yogurt. It contains twice the quantity of protein found in other sorts of yogurt so it can noticeably help keep you feel fuller for hours. Knowing this you can potentially agree that yogurt is the fitter and more flavorsome way to stay in shape right

As yogurt is extremely flexible you can eat it for breakfast snack or lunch. Be at liberty to mix in some fresh or dried fruits and nuts or spatter some cinnamon powder to make it even better flavored and fitter. Now are you ready to add some yogurt into your Mediterranean diet I bet you are.

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