Facts To Help You Fix A Good HDTV

By Benji Logan

A harm High definition tv can be quite difficult. But before a person leap in to findings and start panicking, take a moment to evaluate and appear into these facts because you can actually do something about this.

The best way to know if you got a quality HDTV product is by testing it in front of the salesperson before buying it. But if certain problems and issues about your HDTV starts to materialize in the future, don't freak out and I'm not saying that you should just relax, but some problems can be fixed and all you need, is a little know how.


Lag is where your HDTV screen takes time to cope with the commands of your wireless devices. This kind of problem usually occurs when using your gaming console. Lag is very important when it comes to gaming consoles. Fix this by clicking the 'Menu' button and go to the 'Game Mode' of your HDTV and adjust it from there. Try playing again and see if there is any changes in the lag.

Picture Distortion

A damaged HDTV has many picture quality setbacks. Some of these common problems are the following:

Mosquito - This is when the picture is filled with dots or noise. The main problem here is not your HDTV but the broadcasting. The way to repair this is by buying an outboard digital noise processor, such as an Algolith Mosquito HDMI. But this will cost you a lot.

Unnatural Colors - The color of the picture is very far from reality, not viable. You can mend this by clicking the 'Movie' or 'Natural' mode in your HDTV menu. Also try to adjust the contrast, brightness, color, etc. for better picture.

Pixilated Picture - This happens if there are visible horizontal stripes that are continuously going up in your HDTV screen. This is because there is low digital signal that is coming in to your HDTV. Ask your cable provider to fix this problem or you can buy an inline amplifier/preamplifier to boost the signal strength.

There are also these types of picture distortion that is considered to be worse than those I've listed above. So, if your HDTV has these problems; Crawling Moss, Burnt Edges, etc. where the pictures are unrecognizable. And having very bright outlines around the objects. These problems are very severe and you need professionals to fix them.

Backlight Problem

All LCD HDTV has backlighting, either led or cold cathode backlighting. Backlight can alter the image in your HDTV. Therefore to correct this problem, go and click the 'Menu' option, then 'Picture' then 'Backlight' and adjust it from there until you get the desired brightness.

Power Supply

Immediately return your HDTV to the manufacturer if it has problem in its power supply. That is if you had just recently bought your HDTV, but if not and your HDTV is out of warranty, try to fix this problem first before asking for professional help. Because letting a mechanic fix your HDTV can be very expensive, this is relatively easy to do, so here's what to do;

First; Take your HDTV apart, this might sound threatening but it's fairly easy to do. Just remember how you took it off piece after piece, so you won't find it difficult to put it back.

Second; If the problem in your HDTV is the power supply, the capacitor or capacitors are surely the ones that are not functioning well. Find the capacitors, they are usually 'blue' in color and are located at the right side.

Third; How do you spot the defected one? Find the capacitor with a ruptured casing or a bulging capacitor. Replace it with the same capacitor that you have taken out, but of course with a newer one, make sure they have the same serial number. And the power supply to your HDTV will be working just fine.

Having a professional mechanic to fix your damage HDTV can be very expensive and time consuming. You don't need to be that skillful to fix certain problems; you can even see some tutorials on the internet on how to use a soldering iron if you don't know how to use one. It's as easy as this.

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