Works For Some Strong And Full Body Red

By John Sanders

My husband and I absolutely love it. I've performed blind tastings with friends several times, and almost every time, they rate the Vinturi'd wine the best.

We only use this if we're pouring the first glass out of a bottle. This product is excellent. We have since bought these as gifts and our wine drinking friends love it. If I had some tactile clue where the holes were, I could easily move my fingers.

You can tell a difference in the wine. The best test is when you take a small sip of the red wine when it's first open and then after it's gone through the Vinturi.

Must buy! I bought the red wine aerator and have used it both for red and white wine.

There's only one reason that I am not giving this product 5 stars. My wife and I started out with a blind taste test. Good product to have especially for red wine lovers Fun tool It will tickle your nose and make you laugh with its natural drama The wine still needs to sit, but this helps makes the time go well.

It comes with a rubber stand, but if you use the aerator and just put it back in its stand, over time it will grow some nasty things in the wine drippings. First, a word about aeration. The Vinturi aerator definitely enhances the flavor of wine. Amazing little product.

After seeing it in a high-end specialty store and reading all the positive reviews on Amazon, I decided to try it. I saw this elegant little device at the Chateau Grand Traverse Winery on the Old Mission Peninsula in Michigan - worth a stop, by the way - and decided to buy it.

Cleanup involves pouring some distilled water through the device and letting it dry.

Take it to your next restaurant that serves wine, and improve your bottle for pennies. This is a sweeter Viogner that already pops and I was wondering if the aerator would make any difference.....indeed it does! I would have been skeptical, but I was introduced to it at the home of friends and experienced its effect in a before-and-after taste comparison.

But if you drink a bottle per day we can't afford to always buy the expensive bottles so we are always on the hunt for good table wine. Second, the Vinturi will continue to drip wine after each use.

Be warned, however, that not all wines benefit from this product. Highly recommended.

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