Working as a Guidance Counselor

By Jenna Sessions

Obtaining a satisfying and profitable profession can be challenging, especially for those not educated beyond high school. Even with a college degree, it's hard to identify a profession that you will be proud of and make a favorable difference on the earth.Question teachers and school faculty about how they feel about their jobs and most will indicate they come home happy each night, knowing they made a difference in young people's lives. A terrific way to interact and support students is looking deeper into a guidance counselor career path.

The Role of a Guidance Counselor

Because the nature of the work as a guidance counselor is delicate, you'll need not only a college degree, but quite a lot of patience! Teaching students in the best techniques for completing their schooling and starting a career is the primary role of a guidance counselor. Counselors are needed for all levels of school from elementary through college. While the methodology for each grade level might be different, the goal is the same.

As a counselor you will be responsible for assessments and referrals for students, supervising execution of school programs with the aid of other personnel, agencies and organizations.You will develop outreach programs between your school and local community along with aid students in their schooling and selection of colleges or career paths. Depending on the student, you may also be accountable for aiding students with psychological or emotional difficulties.

How to Become a Guidance Counselor

To work as a guidance counselor you need at least a master's degree and a counseling certification to be eligible. Every state possesses its own requirements for licensure, so you will need to research the specifications for the state where you wish to work. Bear in mind that there is a certain amount of stress that comes with working as a guidance counselor. A few who enter this field don't realize this and so will have a difficult time adjusting to the work. Thankfully, the stress is normally compensated for by a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. It feels excellent to help children find a better path in life.

It's tough to take the life-changing actions necessary to go back o school and earn a degree.Your life may be too hectic as it is and you've used that as a reason to wait to return to school until now. The good news is that many colleges are offering online degree programs and still more are exclusively online colleges and no physical campus. Do some research and you will be able to easily find an online program that can fit your needs. Feel free to speak with others who have taken online courses for more information regarding the things they enjoyed and disliked about their online education. Try talking to a guidance counselor, not only for advice about your own schooling, but how to begin in their same career. The more information you have, the more confident you'll be in returning to school and training for a new job.

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