White Valentine's Day

By Alex A. May

Valentine's Day and White Day are both originated in the third century in Rome. Roman Emperor, in February 14, saved a pair of lovers for the violation with love bans who are about to be put to death. Then the Roman emperor, so as to commemorate this day set the establishment of Valentine's Day. A month later, on March 14, rescued lovers sworn that they would be always with each other till death did them part. To commemorate this day White Day appears. This festival began to be spread from Europe land to the rest world gradually.

Now, White Day is becoming an exceptional festival that young couples might be glad to celebrate it with their lovers. White represents happiness and purity, so ladies are keen to obtain white gifts on White Day. In current years, the men are prepared to send their lovers with white chocolates in return,or will give white presents to their favored females.

The young lovers spend lots of attentions to the ambiance, and also the setting of restaurant is naturally the principle centre point to become required. So this group of young guys and ladies is probable to spare no expense to decide on an excellent place to take pleasure in date time, irrespective of Chinese meals or western meals , only with sufficient romantic and fashionable style.

Handmade cookie is the main present on White Day. The tradition is from the story in regards to the British musician Edward Elgar and his wife. Because the music inspiration of this well-known composer comes largely from the kind with the handmade cookies produced by his wife. Handmade cookies represent the subtle adore from girls to boys and finally have turn into crucial presents on this festival.

Mint sugar can also become a suggested gift. In general speaking, when the boys send it to the girl, the given presents as tokens of love which imply I truly love you very much and I want to stay with you for ever.

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