Where Warts Do Came From

By Monica Mae

In order for you to know whether what you have on your skin is a wart or not, take a look at its surrounding skin. A wart usually appears on one's skin and it can be considered as a virus. One can get it from anybody since a virus is invisible to the naked eye.

Thus, you can easily acquire this skin condition by shaking hands with someone who has it. Even if that individual doesn't have actual warts, he/she may still have the virus from someone who truly has them.

On the other hand, it isn't true that frogs are the main cause of warts. That's really ridiculous to hear. Why don't you consult a skin doctor instead? Ask him/her about the acid method and know if it would be suitable for you or not. This method is a pain free one since you would only need a prescribed solution which you are required to put on your warts for a maximum of 60 days.

The acid that your doctor will use is combined of salicylic and also of an acid called lactic. Another way your dermatologist might tell you is called a freeze method. I know all about this method because my husbands dermatologist does this method for his skin cancer. I will say this method is a little painful but is the fastest way to clear the warts up. The doctor will use this spray can with a lot of force.

The spray comes out pretty heavy and will freeze the warts.The freezing actually will burn some.This procedure does not take long usually only a few minutes. You will also notice in a few days that you may have some blisters that appear after this procedure. Do not be alarmed they will go away in a few days. This procedure may sound very painful but it is not that bad.It will get rid of the warts.

Moreover, the burning part of the method can be done after a few minutes as well. In fact, the patient can even drive a car after everything is done. If all else fails, then your last option is the slash and burn method. This is your final resort to eliminate all of your warts.

In this procedure, your dermatologist will inject you with a local anesthetic to make you feel numb all throughout the method. After that, he/she will use an electric needle to basically cut your warts from your skin. Your doctor also has the option to use the latest laser to get your warts. You just will experience a little scarring but you would do just fine. With all of these methods in mind, it would certainly be easy for you to get rid of those unwanted warts.

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