What Will Convince Her That You Are Her Knight In Shining Armor

By Mitchell Scott

Even if guys shower a woman with attention and gifts, sometimes, it is just not enough. Why? Because she does not see you as The One. With many other options, you could end up as just that, one of the options. But you do not have to play the role of an extra when you could be her Only One. The question is, what should you do to change how she sees you?

Be a great listener. You know that women like to talk about everything, be it about their hair, make-up, their clothes, who crossed them, their friends, their nails, anything! Just hear her out and if you know something about what she is talking about, throw in a comment or two. Communication is very important to her and with acknowledging and listening to whatever she is sharing will definitely make you a standout.

Maintain a sense of freedom. Do not forget how it feels like to be doing things on your own terms. Some men tend to stick too much with his girlfriend. Like, instead of enjoying a Friday night out with friends, he would rather be with his girlfriend. There is nothing wrong about this, but make sure you still have a sense of independence. Do not be too clingy because because she will think you are boring. And besides, didn't you know? Having an independent spirit is what will make you even more interesting and sexy.

Have a sense of humor. How would you rate your joke meter? Can you make your girl laugh at your jokes? For sure, your girlfriend is your number one fan when you try to deliver jokes. However, do you return the favor of enjoying and laughing on her jokes? Probably one of the easiest things that bring couples together is shared laughter. So laugh at the simple things and learn to laugh at yourselves.

Control her, but just a bit. When you see your girl act strangely towards a situation, say, for example, appear late on a date with you, call her attention to it. Do not just let her get away with it, for who knows if she is just testing you? She might want you to wield a bit of control over her actions, and intentionally doing things that you frown upon is her only way of making you feel in control. Bear in mind that it is also not a good advice if you "tighten the grip" on her as this could suffocate her in your relationship. So, learn to balance her. Give her a bit of freedom, and control her actions a bit as well. This will add sizzle to your relationship.

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