What is EFT

By Tena Bonwell

Points to Hit for Emotional Freedom Technique

The golden rule of tapping is to follow the body from the head going down. It is a hard rule as well, to never tap a place higher from where you tapped last. This is a standard, to make the whole process systematic and orderly. Working your way on the person's head, use your two hands. Remember that they are placed back to back. As you move on, carry on with 5 tap execution on the head's center portion. Tapping, at this point, should be balanced enough, not so mild and not so hard. It is best to inform your patient in performing this.

You are working from the top of the person's head, trailing to the eyebrows. The end-point is on the eyebrows nearest the nose. After you are done on that zone, work your way on the corner of the eyes. Then, tap five times. After arriving at zenith point of that area, do a tap again. Initiate a mental affirmation, either verbalize or in silence.

After finishing off, you are now to work beneath the eye after that below the nose. The technique of tapping that is being applied on the highest part of the head, eyebrows, and side and under the eye. These have to be applied on both (left and right) sides. Tapping beneath the nose is done in the center part of it, while doing this just use one hand. Working on the chin area, the thing goes. After there, start on the collar bone part with your two hands; move backwards.

There are points of the process where you have to tap the area under the arms. Just remember that this is not pointing to the area of the arm pit. Rather, this pertains to the side areas, leveled on the middle of your chest and below the arm pit around four inches. Tapping concludes on the wrist area. Do taps at the inside center of both wrists. This will require you to position both palms facing each other but turning them oppositely.

These are the specific zeniths tapped in EFT while simultaneously repeating pronouncements. These specific points are constant and do not change. Rhythm of tapping may vary for every EFT instructor. The important thing is to find your pulse and work in your most convenient method.

Exercising Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT, a person needs to warm-up by tapping. This is standard process since it follows a sequence for the wellness of the whole body. Tapping method employed in Emotional Freedom Technique has proven to be important and really effective.Two fingers (index and middle) are being used for this. The first step in EFT is to know where the tapping should be applied, how long, and strength of the force that you apply. Once these are present, tapping technique won't be so complicated.

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