Weight Loss: Jessica Alba Pursues Legal Compensation From Manufacturer

By Dr. Paul Conley

Successful actress Jessica Alba is suing the makers of the weight loss product Belly Bandit, after the manufacturers used her image to publicise their business. According to TMZ.com, the company included false quotes on their product packaging, including a statement that Belly Bandit was "Jessica Alba's Number 2 Secret for a Fast Post Pregnancy Slimdown." But, Jessica Alba had evidently never tried the weight loss products.

Jessica Alba, who has two kids, previously discussed her diet regime with no mention of the Belly Bandit system or any of the several products offered by the company mentioned in the lawsuit.

Weight Loss - The Proper Way To Lose Belly Fat Quickly

"I have 1,200 calorie meals delivered, I drink a lot of water, I'm working out every day," reported Alba. "It's hard to get motivated, but even just 45 minutes is good for my mental state."

Jessica Alba's open and honest attitude with regard to weight loss has made it easy for her solicitors to demonstrate proof that the actress definitely did not grant any kind of endorsement to the company.

Due to misrepresenting her likeness so as to promote their product, the makers of Belly Bandit are reportedly now being sued for more than $1 million in damages along with a percentage of the company's profits from sales of the weight loss products.

While general weight loss across the body is so very important when considering all the potential health problems that obesity causes, losing belly fat is particularly important to all women following birth.

Weight Loss Without The Gimmicks

Truthfully - as Jessica Alba would, without doubt agree, the most effective way for shedding weight and dieting is to control your dieting habits and engage in lots of regular exercise. Control, along with the help of prescribed medications known as Alli or Xenical, can yield noticeable weight loss results at speed.

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