Urban Fashion Trends for Today

By Ram Collins

Over the past 10 years, the urban fashion trends have definitely become the hottest topic worldwide and the good news is that they're not going to be "out" soon. Their ever changing quality keeps them exciting for a lot of shoppers. However, those "bling bling" necklaces and bright colored shirts might have been what you are accustomed to wearing but you need to know that the current urban fashion trend is now more professional and more stylish.

When urban style first met hip hop culture in the 1980's, the trend leaned toward bright, bold attention-getting garb that was particularly enticing to the African American and Latino cultures. Today, youth from all cultures are discovering the attraction of current urban fashion trends, as a way to break with the mainstream fashion with this teen fashion design and still fit in well in the academic and professional world.

Description of Urban Fashion

Wearing clothes of the present type of the urban fashion trend focuses on being in the "comfort and personality zone". Bright colored clothes still fit in those featured zones but you must give them a professional twist. Moreover, the standard shining accessories of this trend are now seen as signs of being materialistic so try to wear them less often. Designer made jewelries are also included in the things that are not essential nowadays. Being a current urban style shopper means that the clothing items in your cart are things that you can wear on a frequent basis and they should never max out your credit cards.

The Rise of Celebrity Wear

Many celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon of urban fashion trends by offering their own lines of this clothing. Kimora Lee Simmons came out with the Baby Phat brand that is popular in many specialty boutiques and department stores right now. Russel Simmons introduced Phat Farm, Diddy offers Sean John and Damon Dash and Jay-Z offer Rocawear.

Fans have adored these shops because of their famous owners, of course. They have immediately bought items from the said stores long before their purchases were feature in different fashion magazines. Nevertheless, the fact remains that celebrity inspired clothes can cost quite a fortune so you must have all the money needed for you to shop till you drop in your most liked artist's fashion kingdom.

Urban fashion trends may not have maintained its popularity during the previous two decades yet it can't be denied that they are here to stay for the decades to come. The fact is that this style has become the life of our beloved younger generation. It has successfully passed the stage of being just a "trend".

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