Try Using These Strategies to Boost Your Memory

By Toby Lacson

You might assume that your memory is something that's just the way it is, and can not be enhanced. It's even accepted as unavoidable that, as time passes, your memory will become less reliable. In fact, not only can you keep the memory capacity you have, professionals and researchers in the field of memory have proven that your memory can be made stronger. If you follow the tips that we are going to be dealing with in this paper, you will find out how you, too, can make your memory stronger.

A really valuable technique to learn, and one that is extremely successfully used by memory experts to train others, is known as visual association. This may entail creating images in your head to help you remember something. The two things you associate don't even need to be related or seem sensible to anyone except you. If your images are truly odd and very vivid, it will make remembering the word or phrase that you associate with it easier. As an example, if you wish to recall a person's name, associate that name with any idea or image that comes to your mind. The next time you see, or talk to, that individual you'll get a picture in your mind of the image you selected and, voila, their name will be right on the tip of your tongue.

When you would like to remember something, repeat it to yourself frequently. This may sound simple, but it works, and it's an incredibly viable technique when you must remember something. Particularly if you are a visual learner, it's a wise idea to write out what you are trying to remember and then look at the paper every once in awhile throughout your day. Flash cards are a good example of this method.. With enough repetition, you sooner or later find yourself not just knowing what the next flash card is going to be, but the answer also! Having said that, it's up to you to do the repetitions often if you want this method to work for you. The bright side to repetition, however, is the fact that it actually doesn't take long for the information to be firmly embedded in your mind. However, you should practice constantly for this to work. Someone's telephone number, or birthday, is one example. Just simply repeat it to yourself each day until it's embedded in your mind. Repetition is a vital principle no matter what it is you're wanting to remember.

The way in which your brain is operating has a great impact on your ability to remember what you're reading or studying. Being more at ease when you're studying or reading is a big help in memory retention, and you can accomplish this by taking several deep breaths before you begin as well and every now and then until you finish. Some types of music can help produce this kind of brain state and breathing pattern. Most music that relaxes you is excellent for this purpose. You might select classical music, new wave music, or some of the Reiki soundtracks you can find on YouTube. Additionally, there are soundtracks that create brain wave patterns enhanced by binaural beats that really put your brain into overdrive for learning. Or you can just focus on breathing deeply, when you're wanting to process new information. Additionally, you'll stay more alert if you watch your posture. Sit up straight and keep from slouching or slumping over in your chair.

So, if you would like to make your memory stronger - and who doesn't need to? - or if your memory is lagging and you wish to sharpen it again, follow the tips we've mentioned previously, since they are among the best ways to reach this goal Similar to everything else, you have to focus on these strategies consistently if you want your memory to get better. Something else - if you make a conscious intention to enhance your memory, this will go a long way towards ensuring your success, since you will be even more determined to apply yourself when you are studying or reading something that you would like to retain.

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