The Significance of X-ray Technician Certification

By Hilton Avance

The technology related to radiology and x-ray is a fascinating area of the medical field. Not only this field offers several occupational paths but also provides various opportunities for advancements. You get various employment options that include hospitals, clinics, private offices or even a mobile travel position. In general the field outlook for radiology technology is excellent since the employment opportunity in this field is projected to increase by 18% until the year 2018. Even though you have complete your education, you must pass numerous diagnostic imaging tests to become certified and perform various levels of radiology specialists. Click here if you want to know more about x-ray technician requirements.

Normally x-ray technician is associated with the entry level practitioners in the medical field. Preparing patients for x-ray shot procedure by explaining each step of the test and instructing the patient to remove jewelry, clothing and any other item that may block the x-ray from passing through the body is the primary responsibilities of the x-ray technicians. They are then required to perfectly position the patient, so they can get the best possible image of the affected area. They also adjust the equipment to focus on the specific area of the body as necessary. They are also responsible for recording and updating the patient's record as well as maintaining the imaging equipment itself.

The x-ray shot of the body is taken to diagnose medical issues such as broken bones and fracture and diseases. Hence, technicians are trained to work with the patient for taking x-ray shots on medical terminology. Likewise dental, limbs, chest x-rays, head x-rays etc can also be taken. Nevertheless, x-ray technician specialized in sonography may also take photos of pregnant bellies to determine measurements of a growing baby and may even be required to take internal x-rays, such as vaginal ultrasound. Therefore, the job requires medical equipment operation skills, training, and people skills.

The salary of the x-ray technician is dependent on many factors which consist of the area of work, the job location, expertise level as well as their specialty. In the US beginner x-ray technician earn salaries in the mid $30k range. Since the location of the job differs the salary of the x-ray technician operating in a highly paying town might make as much as $90k more also. Therefore the median salary for x-ray technician is usually in the mid $50k range. This obviously is dependent on your job as it is a field that usually has chance for overtime pay, particularly if you work in a hospital where medical advantages are usually great to excellent also.

Nonetheless, for the most skilled and valuable techs salary can range up to $36,000 to $75,000 yearly. The BlS predicts rise in the quantity of x-ray tech job by 17% by the year 2018 due to the continuously expanding population and the aging baby booming generation, which by the way is quicker than average for all other occupations. For the x-ray techs willing to put in the hard work to go the distance, this offers a bright and steady future.

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