Selecting the Best Topical Acne Solution For You

By Kenneth Moore

Maybe the best acne treatment is one that's the least intrusive, especially when it comes to cases of mild to moderate acne. Therefore , the best acne product for your condition is a topical one. More intrusive procedures, such as injections, should really only be pursued when other treatments have been exhausted.

Topical Niacinamide

This is the most outstandingly safe, yet effective, acne remedy available in the current market. Niacinamide comes from water-soluble Vitamin B3 and, therefore , does not amass in your body. It is available as an over the counter acne treatment (e.g, Acnessential).

Since it is flushed out immediately after it does its work, there isn't any danger that it will tax your body with buildup, unlike a number of the best acne medicines renowned for their effectiveness.

While it has anti-microbe properties (and has proven to be better than the antibiotic clindamycin in experiments) it's not an antibiotic and won't create resistant microbes in the body-a common side-effect of antibiotic use. This makes topical niacinamide safe for extended use.

In studies, topical niacinamide has also been demonstrated to be beneficial in improving carcinoma of the skin, as well as having contra-aging properties.

Acne-fighting benefits:

Treats mild to moderately inflammatory comedonal (appearing in papules and pustules) acne

Decreases amount of sebum (body's natural oil) present in the skin

Minimises rosiness and swelling

Spares sensitive skin from the drying effect of acids (salicylic, azelaic, for example.) and the rosiness and irritation of retinoids (tretinoin, adapalene, etc.)

Could be used alone or in conjunction with other acne medicines

Topical Retinoids

Gleaned from Vitamin A, retinoids are normally prescribed for mild to tolerably harsh acne. However , a powerful retinoid acne product will increase photosensitivity and , therefore , needs the utilising of a suntan lotion (at least, SPF 15).

Retinoids are best used under the observation of a dermatological doctor or physician. Some examples of topical retinoids are:

Adapalene â€" artificial retinoid; side effects: minor epidermal irritation and dryness.

Tazarotene â€" synthetic retinoid; should not be used by pregnant moms as it has produced birth defects in lab animals.

Tretinoin â€" first topical retinoid use; natural retinoid; continuously unblocks pores and keeps them unplugged; side effects: burning, rosiness, aridity, scaling, and itching.

One of the advantages of topical retinoids is that they can help to reduce the symptoms of ageing (fine lines and wrinkles).

Acne-fighting benefits:

Clears pores curing whiteheads, pimples, and pimples

Keeps pores unplugged, forestalling the formation of new indications of acne

Has moderate to strong anti inflammatory properties

Topical Antibiotics

Their basic function being to fight bacteria, antibiotics attack bacteria buildup around the affected pore or follicle where, along with oil and dead epidermis cells, they reside and lead directly to the infection and redness connected with acne. Some examples of topical antibiotics are:

Erythromycin â€" antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory; side effects: aridity to possible irritation and decreased bacterial resistance

Clindamycin â€" semi-synthetic antibiotic, decreases inflammation; side effects: dryness, irritation, decreased bacterial resistance

Sodium sulfacetamide â€" opens clogged pores, anti inflammatory; older sulfur acne products include sulfur, which is gritty and has a displeasing smell.

Acne-fighting benefits:

Highly effective at killing acne bacteria

May be employed with other medications, which work on another acne-causing factors

Useful against a good range of acne types (mild to moderately serious inflaming acne; oral antibiotics are usually prescribed for grim to cystic acne).

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