Poor Quality Silver Coins

By Mel Stephens

If you come across some sterling silver coins that you've got had in your family members for quite a while, don't think to get rid of them before you determine if they are worth any thing. You might have some valuable junk silver on your hands. Junk silver is recognized as coins which are in decent shape and are less than 90% in purity. Coins minted prior to 1964 are usually 90% silver, while others, made after this time, usually consist of less than 90% silver. When you have a good-sized collection junk silver coin, you may have a beneficial resource in your hands.

International Coins

You might own some silver foreign coins, and aren't certain of their worth. There's a great chance that these silver coins are junk silver and, it is essential to identify this by checking out the date, nation of origin and imprint layout. You can check in a silver lovers reference book or with a local dealer that can help you.

What is My Junk Silver Worth?

Divide your junk silver into piles in line with the percentage of silver in each. Weigh each pile independently using a regular digital scale. This quantity would be employed to figure out the value of your selection.

Silver Price Per Ounce

Since the price per ounce of silver changes constantly, it is vital that you understand the spot silver price at the time that you're computing value. When you have a pile of coins that are 70% silver, you will take 70% of the spot silver price to determine the price per ounce value of your junk silver. Multiply this number through the weight of your coins to get a final worth for your coins.

Lots of individuals have junk silver that they're not aware is worth anything. Even though it takes a a number of coins to add up to a lot, the price of silver is constant.

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