Myths & Truths About Oil Changes

By Elizabeth Pastore

1. My car doesn't need an oil change every 3,000 miles. - Myth. The oil alone would not ware out nevertheless the chemicals inside the oil will. Oil relaxes, washes, as well as lubricates relocating components inside the motor meaning it really is susceptible to severe temperature as well as rubbing. Anything that accumulates within your motor is cleaned away as well as saved in the actual oil that is why is the actual oil changes darker within colour. An oil change also give you or your auto technician the possibility to see what is occurring inside your engine. There are many indicators of upcoming problems that can be identified early with adequate oil changes.

2. Synthetic oil will allow me to go much longer without an oil change. - This is also a Myth. Although it may allow you to go a bit longer it will not allow you to go much longer. High mileage oils additives are a little different but not enough to really make that much of a difference. These additives are still subject to the same friction and heat and will still be worn by such. Again why pass up the opportunity to assess the inside of your engine.

3. Getting a regular oil change can help with gas mileage. - Fact. When your oil is fresh the engine runs cooler, cleaner, and smoother. When your engine is working more effectively you may notice an improvement in your gas mileage.

4. The best way to seal a leak in the oil is to get leak seal at my auto parts store. - Myth. The can leak repairs sometimes will close off leaks. However these stop leak merchandise can also block oil passages inside your engine. This can result in a significant amount of harm to the internals of your vehicles engine.

5. An oil leak is no big deal. - Myth. This is a huge deal, even if it is a slow leak, leaks get worse sometimes without warning. This can cause your engine to lose the oil and seize up, making your automobile no longer operative.

It is always better to have your experienced mechanic do these oil change over top of these drive through express oil changes. If you shop is informing you before you get your oil change done they are not mechanics then they don't know what to look for if you should have a problem arising. If you do take your car to a mechanic and he tells you there is a problem you always have the oppertunityto take it somewhere for a second opinion in fact it is suggested good practice. I can not stress enough the importance of giving your automobile proper maintenance. Doing this not only extends the life of your vehicle but it also gives you or your mechanic the opportunity to repair issues before they become major problems.

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