My Greatest Friend's Wedding

By Jean R. Griffin

The two, Michael and Julienne are the lovers in their college time. But they break up soon after
graduation like many people and are eager to go wherever they are able to make their dreams come true.

However, they promise to one another that if they do not meet the appropriate person once they reach 30 years old, they are going to get married.Quite a few years passed, the boy Michael, finds a best wife, Julienne then affirm that she actually loved him more than the passed years. The cruel truth that Michael will get married after four days. She must make efforts to win his really like back.The particulars shock me remaining inside the memory that, in the bar, Julienne tried to produce Cameron a fool just before the multitude. At beginning, she is using a small pride and treacherous. What she doesn't image that the silly woman who falls in like is really a totally tone-deaf but she's so brave to sing happily with infatuation. The hero was touched by Cameron and audiences's applauses with smiles also witness Julia's failure. Julienne 's acting skill is so perfect that she expressions show confused, with appreciation that can not conveniently be detected.

On the cruise, beneath the sun, Michael hugs Julienne, whilst singing the old really like songs, they turning within the circles. This can be the last time they stay with each other and they are going to get own distinctive life soon. What they have not stated will have already been hidden for ever. The scene is so classic that at finish, they stare at each other the large shadow casting on faces, no words left.

For girls like Julienne, the most sentimental youth has been passed, they've to go ahead with a tiny bit regret and pity. The last time stops at the scene, sad but moving, filled with blessing.She says I appreciate you towards the people today she loves, kisses him and after that reality, what she demands to do is just that.

The music in the movie is really great, which meets the needs for every occasion. From the lyrics among the song called I just don't know what to do with myself, the true mood of the Julienne is portrayed well.

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