Most Common CLEP Tests Students Choose to Take

By Scott Winy

The College Board released research indicating that students that take CLEP (College Level Examination Program) tests are outperforming the students that have not taken these exams. The study reports that students who take CLEP exams generally have higher GPA's throughout their college career than students who take the correlative coursework through their college's traditional course enrollment. These results were not only confined to the GPA. Students that take CLEP exams also have higher graduation rates, take additional advanced coursework during their college career, and perform better in those additional courses taken.

This research has been a focus of political fire from college professors and other university faculty who believe that a CLEP should not be equivalent to the comparative coursework and that students who take CLEP exams perform poorly when they take more advanced classes. Many opponents of these tests also argue that these exams provide an unfairly easy path to a degree when compared to traditional classes.

Algebra and College Algebra -It seems like college algebra is one of the hardest general education courses for most people to get through, which is why it is one of the most popular CLEP exams people choose to take. Most of the knowledge involved in this CLEP test is learned in a high school algebra class. Thus, you can pass your high school algebra course and immediately take the algebra CLEP test in order to earn the math credits you will need in college before you quickly lose the knowledge.

History -History is another one of those courses that most students already have knowledge of but are required to take during college. There are several different history CLEP exams available based on different courses that colleges offer. These include tests on Western Civilization I and II and US History I and II. You should find out what history classes you will have to take in college so you can take the correct history CLEP. You don't want to waste money on an exam that you'll gain no credit for.

There has also been research into the College Level Examination Program that concluded that there was a high correlation between CLEP exam results and the actual grades that were received by students who took the coursework as well as taking a CLEP. Research has gone a long way to show that these tests are extremely accurate and helped to propel these tests to the mainstream in the late 1980's. However, this research has recently been ignored because contradicts the oppositions claims that CLEP tests are not correlative to taking traditional coursework.

CLEP exams were designed to allow students to obtain credits for material they already know, even if that knowledge is obtained through a brief period of independent study. In the end, you could gain a lot of college credit from CLEP tests. Your college or university academic counselor will be able to give you valuable information about the learning institution's specific CLEP policies and help you enjoy the maximum benefits of these amazing credit-granting exams.

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