Microsoft invents a new product through expression control the computer

By Jerri Lily

Apple's products have changed the world, the computer giant Microsoft also quietly looking for a new foothold in the field of electronics. The breakthrough of Microsoft maybe comes from its game console Xbox.

Xbox was originally a single function consoles, there are signs that Microsoft may be planning for the Xbox into the computer with new functions. The selling point of this new product lies in its function of communication and interaction with people. Through the identification of human expression actions, the person may not touch the unit, just waved his hand, or even through voice and facial expression. The machine will be able to sense your request to make a judgment.

Imagine it, if you are playing the game, and suddenly you feel eye fatigue and rub it, and your Xbox immediately pop-up dialog box asking if you need a break. You will not think this machine is very intimate and very smart.

In fact, in the virtual world, the game is always the first to explore new hardware, new technology and the first to make money, the most actively looking for new platforms. Computer operating systems Master Cutler, 70 years old man, many people think he should go to university to teach or simply to retire, or should not be transferred to a production game department. But there are indications from last year, Microsoft began to focus to its game console Xbox.

The industry believes that Microsoft had its attention focused on the Windows Phone and Bing search engine, in these two areas, Microsoft need to face these two powerful rivals Apple and Google. This will improve the status of video game production sector to an unprecedented height, Microsoft may finally realized that the Xbox may not only be a game.

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