Meat Grinders For Home Use Buying Guide For Consumers

By Alexander Wen

The news of the addition to pink slime to the ground beef in the market has many people wondering about the food purchased at the local grocery stores. There are other choices that ensure families have the best quality foods. A meat grinders for home use buying guide offers several options that are better than pink slime when looking for healthy choices to feed one's family.

The best option is to grind meats for one's family using a device made especially for the purpose. Consumers buy roast beef or steaks and grind them to replace hamburger purchased at the store. This assures the family is eating pure meats that have not been treated with ammonia and other materials that they should not consume.

The grinder can be used for meats other than beef as well. Many game hunters enjoy processing their own venison, elk or bear into ground meats or sausages. Use of a grinder can reduce the hours that would be required to mince and mix these meats by hand.

Consumers will find both electric and manual units. Manual units work well, but are best for small amounts of product product and for occasional use. However, if one is planning to use the machine regularly, the electric motor makes the process much easier for the user.

Meats are placed in the feed funnel at the top of the machine. Power is applied using one's arm or the electric motor to turn a large screw to force the product through the machine and out the round openings in the fixed hole plate. Sausage filling tubes can be attached when making sausages.

Once the process is finished, the machine needs cleaning. Most machines can be disassembled easily for cleaning. Users should ensure all scraps are removed from the device and fats are washed away so they do not provide food for growing bacteria. Once the parts are washed, they should be air dried before reassembly of the machine.

Manual devices are much less expensive than the electric ones. Be sure to select a machine that has enough power to feed and grind the meats fed into the funnel. In addition, it is nice to have a machine that offers a reverse option. While this option may not be used regularly, if the product becomes stuck in the device, it works well at clearing the clog.

Many machines come with a cookbook that offers recipes for sausages and other treats the can be prepared using the unit. There are also many recipes offered on the internet. Once the user develops a basic understanding of the ingredients included in these recipes, he or she is ready to create unique recipes for use.

A meat grinders for home use buying guide helps consumers select the grinder that is best for their needs. These machines help consumers to provide the best quality meats for their families. They no longer must depend on the meats from the grocery store of unknown quality and can ensure they are not feeding the family fillers. The device offers many other purposes.

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