Managers Raise Their Performance When Their Employer Does This

By David Ferrers

Team Leaders are the key to the effectiveness of any organisation. They set the tone. They control the level of output. They are the source of the motivation that creates morale and therefore injects the energy that raises and lowers performance. A good manager will improve the output of any team. A poor boss will ensure that only the smallest level of performance is achieved.

The question then is, "how do you create good executives and how can you be sure they maintain their level of performance?"

The performance of any executive is dependent on their knowledge and on how they feel. A good manager needs knowledge of their employer's services. She or he needs understanding of production strategies and processes. Bosses need to know about management techniques for managing people, raising morale, communicating effectively, dealing with disputes and controlling work flow. As well as managing others good executives must be able to manage themselves.

Because executives have such a load to bear they really appreciate business coaching sessions where they can chat about the issues they are dealing with, develop techniques of dealing with those issues and talk about their own issues. A good business coach wants to have wide business experience and a good toolkit of techniques for helping team leaders find solutions to the challenges they face.

Business coaching is not a job for anyone who has little experience of business management. A good business coach needs to be a natural exuder of self confidence, boldness, personality and enthusiasm. When a business coach can do all of these things she or he becomes an especially valuable ally for the hard-pressed executive.

In my experience team leaders feel valued when their employer arranges business coaching to help them to enhance their performance. The fact that business coaching sessions are one-to-one and secret makes them all the more special.

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