Making a Wildlife-Welcoming Backyard

By Cody Crescenti

Recently more and more people have taken an interest in the environment and many have started to see their garden as a place where they can assist the local ecosystem. For example, it is possible to make our gardens alluring for wildlife and this can create a nice place for us to relax and experience nature right in front of us. Instead of having fences, gardens could have more a natural setup by using hedges or trees. In order to get started with your wildlife garden, here are several things you can do.

Among the most pleasurable things to hear each morning is the sound of birds singing and it is nice to see a wide variety of species visiting your garden. By means of plenty of trees and hedges, birds will probably easily come and establish themselves. Besides feeding on insects, birds can eat what you provide them by setting up bird tables. You should also include places that will enable birds to drink. You might want to shatter ice during the winter time if you have water. You can provide one more source of food for birds by raising berries and other fruits.

You might possibly also want to consider a pond, which will not only attract birds but will also bring in frogs and toads. In actual fact natural and organic pest management is what you should aim for and if you do your research this is quite easy to achieve. The way you put in your water exhibit can attract other animals as well. For example, a rockery around the pond will give a place that many types of animals can find shelter. You may want to consult with an expert to determine the best way to set this up.

Even though most people like to keep our gardens tidy, you may want to designate a corner of your plot as somewhere you will leave logs and leaves that may see small mammals such as hedgehogs take up residence. You might also do some research about what types of flowers or plants would be good for your garden. This process is for the reason that you will come across some that are attractive to insects and others to birds or small mammals. With the appropriate combination, you can have a garden prospering with a variety of insects and birds.

It is great to have a relaxing and healing garden that is also helping with the ecosystem. If you do your analysis, you'll learn that you can create a thriving ecosystem of your own in your own garden.

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