Looking after your favoritescented candles and candle accessories.

By Jemima Granger

So , you had a wonderful time at the candle trade show and probably spent too much. Trade shows are a great way to see new candles and to save on your favourite brands. Your scented candles are treasures that may need some extra care. There are antique and modern candle holders that include lamps, glass lanterns, holders and more that add a certain romance to the candle. The modern reproductions are really good to use with your favourite scented candles. A few of these speciality holders or burners can be dear but are worth the investment.

A beautiful lantern can quickly fade and become dirty if you do not clean it now and then. Attempt to use organic cleaners such as water, soap and a gentle metal cleaner or polish to help bring out the gleam. Only utilize a polish on clean metal "unpainted" and take care to get rid of all leftovers before use with a candle. Organic metal polishes can be very expensive but are worth the investment to keep your brass, steel, iron, copper, titanium, silver or gold candle accessories clean from wax and human oils.

If you are the owner of a speciality made burner, lantern, candle holder or extinguisher that is made from expensive metals, it is recommend using the correct expensive metal cleaner and tips on handling them. A gentle cloth can simply wipe away the dust and burn marks can be washed gently. Decorative items like painted, etched designs or patterns and pair tones can be a bit trickier and annoying to clean and to maintain. Most accidents to scented candles, holders or accessories, occurs when the handler is inattentive or busy with other tiny jobs. Slow down and focus on one matter at a time.

When you are ready to handle a Tiffany glass candle lantern, pay attention to any painting or etch designed and thoroughly brush away the dust. Avoid rough strokes and harsh chemicals, a little mild soapy water can clean most difficult stains. If you need to employ a specialty item, try to use it but ask the retailer if there's a acceptable solution in case if the item is very expensive. You can call or email the shop where you purchased your diamond encrusted Tiffany style lantern and ask what they'd recommend besides brand X to make your item glint and glowing again.

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