Longevity Benefits of He Shou Wu

By Brandon Gilbert

He Shou Wu extractis among the first known herbs that marked its existence during the 713 AD. Also called fo-ti, it is a dried tuberous root of the Polygonum multiflorum plant. The specie is a native of Japan and belongs to the Polygonaceae plant family having the characteristic of a climbing vine. The plant has been providing standard remedies to the people of China and other far eastern states. It was believed the older the plant the more effective its medicinal effects are. Its age and size presents different properties which makes the herb more effective. This herbal tea can be prepared by boiling around 3 to 5 grams of processed roots in 250 milliliters of water for 10 to 15 minutes. At least 3 cups daily ought to be taken for treating express ailments. These days he shou wu is sold in 500 mg tablet.

Known first for its toning and renewing abilities, he shou wu also has the power to boost a person's fertility. The herb also acts as the universal tonic for the kidneys and liver of individuals with hepatic and renal Problems. By at once cleaning the person's blood, he shou wu strengthens the operation of kidneys and liver. The action permits good circulation which at last leads to better health. Folks that suffer from wooziness, insensibility, physical weakness and even problems with vision which resulted from poor blood flow are prescribed with this herbal medicine.

Fo-ti is also known for combating early signs of ageing like skin wrinkling and graying of hair. This herbal medicine when mixed with other herbs such as ginseng, Citrus reticulate and the Chinese angelica is also used to cure chronic cases of malaria. The best described characteristic of fo-ti is its laxative effect.

A rather more pragmatic appraisal of the beneficial characteristics of he shou wu was made last 1975 after the visit of the North American Herbal Pharmacology delegates to China. The report narrated a few illnesses the herbal medication can be employed for. It can frequently be used to treat scrofula also known as the lymph gland tubercolosis, cancer and constipation and when mixed with other herbal medicines it can help treat vertigo and sleeplessness.

Reports also cited the capability of the herb to treat diabetes. The analysis brought the discovery of compounds in the herb like emodin, rhein and chrysophanol. These compounds are answerable for the usefulness of the herbal medication to patients with hard stools. Studies showed the very strong anti-microbial capability to defend the kidney and liver and the capacity to reduce high blood cholesterol level. Another study showed the he shou wu's capability to increase blood sugar of people with low blood sugar.

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