Learning More About SDS Socket And Other Classes Of Drill Chucks

By Jonas Kappel

Used for centering and holding a cutting bit, drill bit and others, a chuck is an engineering tool that has adjustable jaws. Among its most popular model is the drill chuck which is used in holding drill bots as well as other rotary tools. This type of chuck is available in different brands and models with SDS socket being one of the most popular.

Rotating drills uses drill chucks in order to operate properly. This chuck is designed to hold the bit tightly and not loosen even when there is a high amount of torque. It is the part in which the drill bit is encase and held in place and has a vise that grips the bit and a collar that tightens the vise around the bit. Other types of rotating tools such as screwdrivers or rotating spades for making large holes also make use of chuck drills.

Other than the vise and the collar, another important part of the chuck drill such as the SDS socket is the adjustable jaws. This part moves in unison to centralize the work-piece or tool. That is, if there are jaws working, the hold of the shuck is also stronger. Drill chucks are available in different numbers of jaws depending on ones need. There are those that only consist of three jaws that evenly move inwards and outwards to grip a round bit and hold it straight and are mostly used for home works. Four jaws and six jaws on the other hand are used for holding square bits and drilling on thicker surfaces.

There are different types of chuck drills that are available in the market that consumers and manufacturers can choose from. One of the major and most popular types of these chucks is the keyed chuck which uses a T-shaped key to function. This key is inserted next to the chuck to have them opened and closed properly. The second type is the keyless chuck which as its name implies does not use any type of key to function. This type is designed to be self-tightening and thus, they automatically tighten when more torque is applied. If the keyed chucks use T-shaped key, with the keyless chuck one only turns the chuck with a sleeve at the end of the drill to open and close the jaws.

The SDS socket is another popular type of chuck drill that was introduced in the year 1975 by the company Bosch and was used specifically in Special Direct System hammer drills. The strong force associated with the SDS drills makes the use of these chucks essential in order to minimize if not totally eliminate the possibility of a bit slip common in other type of chucks. Another specialized type of chucks designed to hold small drills with sizes less than 1 mm in diameter is the pin chuck. This type of chucks can hold this smaller size drills which is not possible in a normal drill chuck which usually have a capacity of less than 13 mm and rarely greater than 25 mm.

From keyed chucks and keyless chucks to SDS sockets and pin chucks, drill chucks are hammer drill partners that should not be overlooked. They may look simple to the eye, but these tools are essential in using hammer drills and need to be chosen carefully.

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