Information About Ibogaine And Its Uses

By Mayra Roman

Ibogaine is derived particularly from the root bark of tabernanthe iboga, an African plant. However, it is also found in a number of other plants. It is hallucinogenic, and some of the effects it has have cause it to be banned in some countries. At the same time, these same properties lend it promise and have led to it being used in a number of treatment centers for various types of addiction.

Before modern times, it has been widely used in African communities for spiritual rituals, as well as for medicinal purposes. It is used in the Bwiti religion in particular, where it is claimed to have been learned from the Pygmy. In Bwiti traditions, this root bark is used to bring about spiritual enlightenment and solve problems through the visions it can bring about. In such preparations, it is used in large amounts.

Treatments in rehabilitation centers have been developed based on research that has indicated that even one administration of the substance can reduce cravings for drugs. It can also go a long way in helping with withdrawal symptoms that a drug-user may be experiencing.

Treatments using the substance can be used on users of heroin, methadone, cocaine and alcohol. There is also some indication that tobacco dependents can benefit from such treatments. Other methods are in the process of being researched for psychotherapy, where trauma and other psychological conditioning can be successfully treated.

After taking treatment containing this substance, drugs users have experienced less symptoms of withdrawal. This makes the process of detoxification easier in that it is less physically painful. The need or desire to take any further drugs after treatment is reduced over a period of a week to several months.

To conclude, ibogaine treatment can also facilitate rehabilitation in another way. There is the possibility of addicts understanding their behavioral patterns of addiction. This goes a long way in curbing the desire to relapse.

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