Important Information About Sun Tan Lotions

By Haywood Hunter

Indoor tanning creams or sunblock may be considered forms of sun tan lotions, despite having alternative uses. Sunblock, which may also be called sunscreen, is made with the intention of blocking UV radiation from sun. Indoor tanning products are used along with sunbeds and other tanning devices to give skin a tan appearance.

There are a variety of ingredients that may be used in production of these indoor tanning products. Two of the most common: L-Tyrosine and melanin. Additional ingredients may include copper, tea extracts and numerous oils. Some products add bronzing and moisturizing elements as well. These products for indoor use are not for use outside. This is because they are not made to protect against sun exposure.

These tanning creams increase the melanin in skin. This may be done in one of two ways. Melanin production boosted, or blood circulation increased. The creams are typically used with tanning booths and other similar devices.

Sunscreen can be used while outdoors. This is because the formula is made to absorb or reflect UV light. It can also prevent sunburn, the burning of skin caused by exposure to sun. This product can come as a gel, lotion or spray.

Sunscreen is considered physical or chemical, depending upon its function. Chemical types are able to absorb light while physical types are used for reflecting the light. Most sunscreens include at least one of these ingredients: chemical compounds, inorganic particulates, organic particulates. Sunscreen should be used on people with all different skin types because it works by preventing skin afflictions that result from sun.

Sun tan lotions is a term to describe products such as sunblock or tanning creams. Sunblock is a skin protector. Tanning lotion is used in conjunction with processes to tan, bronze and moisturize skin.

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