How to Print Using Iron on Vinyl

By Larry Peterman

For those who haven't got any idea what iron on vinyl designs are, here is quick information. They are simply design kind that is easily moved by dealing with a heat process. That is why it is called iron on vinyl because you have to transfer the design you have to a smooth surface by simply ironing it. This design is certainly a classic typical method of getting vinyl to remain onto another material.

Iron on vinyl designs are commonly used on apparel. Therefore, it is likely called as t-shirt vinyl. Most people create designs and have it printed on smooth surfaces. Common examples of these are shirts and other apparel. They cut out the designs and iron it on the fabric. Because vinyl is made intricately, you will be assured that ink will not smear off the shirt. This way, clean printing is attained where more designs can be chosen from.

It is no surprise that you will be able to accomplish a lot of projects using iron on vinyl patterns. As they are available all over the internet, you will be able to find one that will correspond to the theme you like.

There are different designs to choose from and the best thing about it is that most of them are free. You will find floral, zebra stripes and even character patterns available. You may even construct your own only if you have a printer in your house. This way, you will have endless possibilities to create the pattern you like.

Aside from creative designs, you can also make letter cutouts from this vinyl. You can do it like how you do it on regular vinyl sign making. If you want to stick it on hats, this type of vinyl is the most durable for the application. Apart from that, you can also make labels for children wear using iron on vinyl patterns. If you own a clothing line, it would be a lot easier if you use iron on vinyl for clothing labels.

Transferring an iron on vinyl design to apparel is easy. You will only fix the iron in 302 degrees and then pre-heat just before using. Preheating is effective as it will remove any wrinkles from the surfaces of the cloth. However, this is no longer needed if you are going to print it on coffee mugs. After that you have to iron the design around the clothes. Do this with medium pressure for 10 to 15 seconds. Then, gently remove the film and you're all done.

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