How To Enjoy Safe Tanning Myrtle Beach

By Johnnie Soto

Some people like nothing more than to lay in the sun and get a suntan. They say it feels good on the skin and gives them the bronze look that many people covet. However, this exposure comes with risks so people must know the safe ways for tanning Myrtle Beach.

It is now common knowledge that too much sun is harmful to the skin. It could lead to the person contracting skin cancer, or cause them to age prematurely by speeding up wrinkles. There are some ways to get a tan without suffering the negative effects of the sun.

The first step is to always wear some type of sunscreen. It is important to look for an SBF of at least fifteen and if they have sensitive skin they should go even higher. People who burn easily should consider using a sunblock which contains zinc oxide, as it is the most effective way to block harmful ultra violet rays.

Even with good sunscreen it is possible to get burnt, so people should never lay out for more than an hour at a time. It is best to flip over every fifteen minutes or so and then seek out shade after about an hour. By doing this people can enjoy the sun without being harmed by it.

There are some body parts that are more likely to be damaged by ultra violet rays and must be protected. This is doubly true for children whose skin is young and more sensitive than an adults. The face, nose, ears, neck and shoulders should be well protected, as they are very likely to be burned.

People can enjoy safe tanning myrtle beach if they just protect themselves properly. A good tan may look nice but it can be deadly if people are not careful. Being safe is the best way to ensure that the summer does not get ruined.

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