How to Choose in Hiring Commercial and Residential Painting Contractors?

By Dollie Duonola

Tips When Hiring Commercial and Residential Painting Contractors

A building can maintain its conditions through frequent interior and exterior painting and maintenance. Excellent results are guaranteed by hiring professionals; however, there are homeowners who choose to do the home improvement projects on their own.

The painting projects can be best done by the expert painters because of the fact that they have the knowledge required and they have practical experiences. There is a false impression at the extent of work involved in most DIY home improvement write-ups. There is a tendency for homeowners to proceed with the process without considering the essential information or preparation process and neglect the major steps like preparing and cleaning surfaces. Later on, there will be serious damages on the structures.

On the other hand, the professional painting services can add lots of years to the building's life with their painting skills and services. In order to achieve smooth finishes, each professional makes sure that the surfaces are cleaned and prepped properly. Filling cracks and holes is another important part of the preparation and this can done through the use of putty and sanding the surfaces after application. It is necessary to caulk and seal the doors and window openings in order to keep water at bay and to limit the occurrence of undesirable surface problems like wood rot, mold and several others.

Tips in Searching the Right Painting Service

Choosing a commercial or residential painting contractor needs various factors. Never decide at once on the first company that you have found.

Instead, you have to gather quotes from three local painting services prior to making the final decision. There are different factors of exterior painting services that you need to ask about from the company like:

* Make sure to ask how the job would be carried out - the skilled painters are able to explain how and why they do the procedure.

Don't hesitate to ask every contractor listed regarding:

* What paints they usually use and why?

* How show they prep the surface to be painted?

* Do the package include sealing and caulking of windows and doors?

* Are they going to clean up the mess or leave the mess to the homeowner?

* If you are happy about the answers, then let them inspect the building and inquire for a detailed quote. Free estimates are offered by several companies. Also, consider these.

* Look for various references that include some of the previous jobs. It is important that you make a follow up regarding these references and also talk to two past customers. Examine spillage, overspray, brush marks and many others.

* Clarify about the various insurance coverage they provide for the work they deliver. Is there a warranty offered?

You also need to choose the right company that does the home improvement projects for your home at a price that you find is best for you.

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