How Companies Can Best Use Their New Custom Logo Designs?

By Annie Hassan

Once you have taken the delivery of your final custom logo design, you next focus should be on the introduction of your new professional identity to your customers, clients, suppliers and vendors. If you already made an announcement that a fresh logo is coming then your competitors would also be eagerly waiting for your new show.

Your logo is the representation of your company, products and services and it's in the best interest of your business that you make innovative use of your new visual identity. Below are some tips to introduce your logo to your viewers and let it get noticed.

Stick It In Your Business E-mail

Email is the best form of internet communication with your customers and you send a lot of emails every day. You can stick your new creative logo designs in your email; you can either add it into your email template or can make it a part of your business email signatures. A simple .JPG file, .GIF or .PNG of your logo file can be used to build your logo recognition.

Put Your Creative Logo Designs On Your Website, Blog, Facebook and Twitter

When you receive the digital files of your creative business logo designs and you also have a website and blog that you daily upload, then don't waste any time and put your new business icon on your website and blog. Your blog is the best and only place where your logo can address a wide audience. You can write a new post announcing your new logo design and what was the reason behind design evaluation.

Social networking sites especially Facebook and Twitter are best places to speak with customers and users are often interested to look what others are up to. Create your accounts/pages on these sites and add your new corporate identity to your profile.

Paste It On Every Outgoing Official Paper & Stationary

A typical business sends a lot of official documents such as invoices, memos, photocopies and faxes to his suppliers, customers and vendors. You can stick your new creative business logo designs at the top or bottom of these files and they will occupy just a little space.

When we talk about your logo pasting on every document, it includes the business stationary as well. You should put your new custom logo design on your business cards, letter heads and envelops to increase the brand recognition. You can redesign your old stationary item with your new logo at low cost.


If you are offering any promotional items to your customers such as free T-shirts, baseball caps, pens, coffee mugs, then it would be a cool idea if you put your new creative logo designs on these freebies. And when your company grows, you can setup an online store where you can even sell these items.

Redo old Marketing & Advertising Material

If you are a new company then you can print your marketing and advertising promotional material with your new logo design just from the scratch.

However if your old material is without or with old logo then you have to reprint your stuff and print your brochures, postcards, presentation folders and other marketing material with your new logo. Check with your professional logo design services provider; most of them these days offer marketing material designing services as well and even at no cost but as a part of their logo design packages.

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