A Guide to Crate Training Dogs

By Crystal Powers

You can raise your dogs well by crate training them. People use crate training to enable dogs to adapt well to living inside houses.

You'll be able to use the crates for other stuff aside from potty training. There are actually many misconceptions about crate training. They often see it as a cage instead of the dog's own special den. You can crate train dog and puppy very successfully by following these 5 easy tips.

You crate train for the dogs to learn, and not as punishment.

Lots of people think that they are punishing dogs when they put them in crates. It is not, and the crate should not be used this way. You should consider it as an area for your dog to have a break and some alone-time. Do not send the dog to the crate with angry words or impatient gestures. Instead lead him to it in an encouraging way and then spend a little time with him, staying close to the crate while he is inside it at first.

The crate is like the dog's own room

You have to make it comfortable. You can have blankets, pillows, and toys in it. But do not feed the dog in the crate or even right outside it. The crate should be for resting and not for mealtime.

You should always be consistent

If you send your dog to his crate when he gets overexcited and jumps on people, make sure to do it each time. There should be no exception on who he jumps. Most people tolerate it when their dog jumps on family members but will punish the dog when he jumps on guests. These variable rules are much too complicated for a dog.

Do not shut the dog in the crate when you leave the house

Many people think that it's fine to leave the dog in the crate when they have to leave the house. Dogs like to socialize, and that means they won't be happy when you leave them alone. And if you leave them inside the crate at that time, then they will definitely link the crate with loneliness. They will not want to go into the crate because they know it means you might be about to leave. Remember, to successfully crate train dog you will need to keep the crate a happy place.

Have a scheduled crate time

Another way to avoid making the crate a place of punishment is to have planned crate time during the day. You can think of this as like giving a child nap time. The dog may not necessarily sleep but he should be quiet and resting. The schedule should be regular everyday.

Using the crate well will enable you to train your dog better. With crate training, everyone in the family and your dog will be happy.

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