Finding Tough Mobile Printers

By Allyson Westcot

Unlike a desktop printer's capability to do a few different things, a mobile printer generally just prints. Those that need scanning capabilities in the field often also get a hand held scanner that looks as different from a desktop scanner as a mobile printer looks from a home printing station. Workers who can gain advantage from a printer (and regularly a scanner) are employees like insurance claims adjusters, sales operatives and others who used rugged laptops in their regular lives.

Mobile printers are small enough to be held in a hand, and can be perched about anywhere to print out. Starting at a weight of only about a pound, they are built to be highly compact, simple to take along and easy to use. They'll fit well in many glove compartments or carry bags, and can even be straightforward to mount in a vehicle.

Their mobility does require a certain amount of shock resistance that you are not going to find in a standard desktop printer, with some brands and models manifestly able to handle more than the others. If you plan to mount the printer in a vehicle, it could be best to look at a model that comes with an in-vehicle kit so you know it's designed especially for that use.

Page size is very important. If you only need to print receipts and never anything larger, you might be able to purchase a special receipt printer that costs less, but offers less functionality. For most people, a standard-size page is required even in the field, so be certain the mobile printer will print a standard-sized page.

Determine if you'll be printing text or if you need to be in a position to print graphics in the field. For basic printing, a less-expensive printer that offers a resolution of 200 dpi may be adequate. For more graphic printing, one of a minimum of 300 dpi might be best. Ultimately, be totally sure that the printer has compatibility with the O. S you use on your rugged system to make certain it will work correctly.

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