Finding The Right Cat Litter Tray And Kitty Litter

By James Walker

There are numerous varieties of cat litter tray available on the market. Which is the best? It all depends on your cat.

For kittens, you should choose a cat litter tray which has relatively low sides, around 3 inches high. You want to make it easy for them to climb in.

For a bigger cat, you can go up to 6 inches in height, which will help to avoid loads of kitty litter being kicked out of the tray when the cat is covering up. You also need to ensure that the tray is wide enough for a bigger cat. You probably need to put newspaper around it anyway, in case of spills, but if you find that it is always wet around the tray, you might need a bigger tray.

If spills and scattered kitty litter are a serious problem, consider switching to a hooded litter tray which has a removable roof. Cats often like the privacy that this gives them. However, some cats might feel a little trapped in there, so take off the hood in the event the cat doesn't seem to want to go inside. Remember that you may need to cleanse a hooded tray more frequently because it will retain smells more than an open tray.

Anytime that you buy your cat a brand new cat litter tray, be sure to put it in the same location and use the same brand of kitty litter to begin. Don't alter the tray and the product simultaneously.

Fill the cat litter tray to a depth of 1-2 inches. You need enough there for the cat to dig a little, but not so much that there is a large amount of waste when you throw it out. You'll need to check it for solids each day and scoop those out, and change the kitty litter completely at least once weekly (more frequently if it begins to smell bad).

Of course, you might prefer to make use of the disposable kind of cat litter tray. These work out to be more costly but they are very convenient. They save a lot of cleaning time both at home and they make it easier to travel with your cat or take him to other people's homes.

Some brands of disposable cat litter tray are merely open trays that you throw away every week. They may include kitty litter or you may just buy the trays and fill them with your regular product. Another type is like a carton with a hole for the cat to climb in. You can take off the top in case your cat doesn't understand what it's for at first.

Some brands of disposable cat litter tray are simply open trays that you discard every week. They may come with kitty litter or you may just buy the trays and fill them with your normal product. Another type is like a carton with a hole for the cat to climb in. You can take off the top if your cat doesn't know very well what it's for in the beginning.
Nowadays you can also buy designer trays that are manufactured to fit with the decor of your home. They may be disguised to look like a piece of furniture. That's fine, but be sure that your cat will not be fooled.

You can also find cat litter trays that clean themselves or make it simpler for you to separate the waste from the clean kitty litter. Again, before buying, consider these from your cat's perspective and be sure that it is something he will want to use. Does it permit him to dig and bury his waste? Does it smell weird? The newest, priciest product on the market will be useless if your cat doesn't understand that it's actually a cat litter tray!

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