The Controlling Sticking Coins Magic Trick

By Miles Sunkest

If you like simple, fun and powerfully mesmerizing up close magic tricks, then you've come to the right place. I'll show you a quick trick in this short article that will have them wondering if you've made some secret deal with the devil or something.

Here's how the trick looks to the audience. You ask to borrow a couple of coins, preferably pennies, or pence pieces if you are in Britain. Any other currency, you must get coins that are made from copper. Some countries use aluminum coins, so they won't work for this trick.

Once you have two coins, you rub them together and say a few magic words. The more strange sounding the magic words are, the better. And then, through your incredible powers of telepathy and other worldly skills, the two coins will magically stick together like glue. You touch one to the other, and will be able to pick it up off the table. If you give the two coins back to their original owner, it will be impossible for them to duplicate this trick.

Here's the secret. You'll need to get a small Neodymium magnet. These are cheap and you can buy them online or from any hobby shop. Get one small enough to hide between your forefinger and middle finger on either hand. Just make sure that the coin in your hand is in contact with the magnet at all times. That will magnetize the coin, so it will pick up the other coin.

This requires a bit of misdirection and some patter. Talk up a good game, before, during, and after the trick. And be careful not to spend too much time showing them that the coins are sticking together. Hold them together long enough so they will notice that the coins are sticking, and then give them the coins back. You want the focus on your hands only long enough to see that the coins are stuck together, then quickly shift he focus to the coins, rather than your hands, but giving them back to the original owner.

This is a great trick because it only takes a little bit of practice, and the only prop you need to carry around with you is a small magnet. Anyplace people have had a couple of drinks is perfect for this trick. This is also a great bar trick, as their are usually coins that are sitting around on the table for whatever reason.

One way to do this trick is to go right into it without any announcement whatsoever. Just pick up one coin, touch it with the hidden magnet in your hand, and then use it to pick up another coin. Look at them with surprise and astonishment, (long enough for somebody else to notice) and then quickly put them back down. This way, they'll be focusing on the coins, and not your hands. Of course, everybody else at your table will try and repeat this, but won't be able to. If you can do a good job of acting innocent and clueless, you can have great fun with this trick.

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