Choosing Home Decorating Fabric

By Owen Jones

If you want to redecorate, you should be thinking about the textiles that you will use in your redecorating scheme. There are quite a few fabrics that can play a function in a redecoration project, such as carpets, some wall papers, such as flock, furnishings, cushions, lamp shades and wall hangings like tapestries and embroideries.

You can use the textiles in these items to fashion a decoration theme more than any other set of objects. You can purchase old furniture, but it is expensive, you can buy old paintings, but they are expensive, but textiles can be new yet still express different atmospheres for little cost. Think about the fabrics and colours that you would require to express primitive, Eastern, Hispanic, Victorian or contemporary themes.

Let's say that you would like to decorate your home in a Victorian style. It is the case that it would be right to have some old furniture, but what will really make the style scream 'Victorian' is the textiles. You have to think about Victorian houses: they were fairly large (unless you would like to live in a hovel), and they were drafty.

This meant that the fabrics were heavy to hold back drafts. You could hang flock wallpaper, have heavy, lined curtains, lamp shades with tassels and heavy bedding with a real eiderdown or patchwork quilt.

The funny thing is that although Victorian textiles were very weighty, they tried to make them look very feminine, or maybe that was why they tried to make them look more feminine. However, men provided the earnings and women ran the home in those days, so that may be why as well.

Therefore, there were lace edgings, lace trims, tassels, beading, velvet and brocade. Embroidery exam pieces can sometimes be picked up quite cheaply , but they are frequently handed down through families too.

A contemporary style or theme would have lots of bright and frequently contrasting colours. An extreme variation of contemporary style is minimalist with plenty of black and white but with perhaps one splash of yellow in a corner somewhere. This style can be hard to achieve, can be unnerving, but can be dazzling too. It is reminiscent of the Sixties.

Some people try to recreate an Eastern or Oriental style, but you have to be wary because otherwise you will end up with something that no Easterner would recognize. A bit like Charlie Chan and western style curries. You will be told to use pictures and figurines of elephants, tigers, dragons, carp and geese or ducks. This is all very well if you want to persuade your Western friends that you have an Oriental theme of decoration, but not many Orientals would recognize it.

It is very difficult to get this theme looking authentic unless you are from the Far East or you get an Easterner in to assist you. Jades and silks could form a part of this styles along with some figurines. Be very cautious of trying to imitate a style you know nothing of.

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