Buying Vintage Motion Picture Posters Or Wanted Western Posters Is Certainly Enjoyable

By Jan Filler

The pro collector of old movie posters or wanted western posters knows the dearth of locating vintage posters in high quality condition. The everyday collector of western film posters or wanted western posters must expect to supplement their collections with top of the range duplicates nonetheless collecting such old movie posters and western wanted posters can still be a fun and rewarding hobby.

The buzz of the search (and the experience of the rare find), particularly locating my favourites like old western movie posters, can be terribly rewarding. At auctions, serious demand movie posters can bring more than $300,000 for a top condition, authentic old movie poster. Famous western picture posters include favorites from John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Marlon Brando. Old movie posters from classics such as The Superb Seven or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are well liked by all collectors.

Keep in mind that being a serious, committed collector does not necessarily need you to own original, short edition prints. The beauty of poster collecting is that any person can start with very little investment up front.

Duplicates of Wanted Western Posters are offered in a big selection of formats. From funny present day remakes, (some even permit you to add your own photograph), to duplicates of Wanted Posters from the 1800's of historic outlaws like Jesse James and the Sundance Kid. For true history buffs, wanted posters for outlaws such as John Wilkes Booth complete collections in other genres like Civil War History collections. A chance to witness genuine Western Wanted Posters, will generally require a visit to a museum like the Smithsonian Nationwide Postal Museum in Washington, D.C.

So whether or not you are a serious collector or merely a fan of the brand of old western motion picture posters, it's often a good idea to keep a watchful eye out when visiting antique stores or garage sales. You never know what treasure might be hiding in the bargain bin of posters and prints. It might be your best (and most valuable) find ever.

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