Best Tips For The Perfect Pole Performance

By Sandra Staron

It seems that the industry of pole fitness breaks down into three classes: a) fitness, b) stripping and c) artistry. Many studios seem to focus more heavily on one aspect more than others in the industry, but is it easy to blend them? Specifically, could we be high-level tricksters and sexy and still get to people on an emotional level?

The correct answer is yes, we can!

As we take pole further and further into the world of dance and fitness, we view myriad possibilities to show ourselves as true entertainers in this ever developing art form. But, as more and more women are taking to the pole and accomplishing the high level tricks, very few of those can stick out in a crowd and move a crowd on an emotional level. Many such pole dancers have centered the majority of their time and energy on developing physical prowess and flexibility, but no one has ever taught them how to build up their abilities to support a performance venue that is more complicated than a strip club.

If you've ever seen a Cirque du Soleil performance, you are aware that all sorts of movement can be used as a "canvas" for storytelling. However for many pole entertainers, making the leap into theatricality is a lot scarier than doing a layback or a flagpole. Sharing our inner self and exposing our insecure side is a skill which should be nourished every bit as much as sequencing and gripping technique if we are to become not simply memorable, but unforgettable.

So, how do we get there? Listed here are areas that needs to be addressed:

1. Song Choice. This is probably the most crucial decision a performers can make. There must be an emotional hookup that you feel when you listen to your song. It ought to be evocative and tell a very good story, which you then articulate in your dance. Because that's really all any dancer is at the end of the day...a storyteller. Seek for a song that produces imagery in your mind that you feel you can convey to an audience. Choose well!

2. Costuming. Want it or not, when most of the people hear "pole dancing," they think of strippers. That is the existing preconception that most of us are working hard to correct. And, as long as we continue to dress like strippers, that's how people will continue to view us as such. Do we need lots of exposed skin so that we can accomplish our tricks? Yes, but there's no reason that we always have to wear a swimwear. Think outside the box! And develop the type you are portraying in your dance. When you know who your "character" is, you'll have a much greater insight into how she would dress. Then you can certainly make the adjustments required to attain your tricks.

3. Progression of Tricks. Now you have to concentrate just like a writer. Your dance should have precisely the same components of any great story - Exposition, Inciting Moment, Rising Action, Climax, and Denouement. Think like a writer and you'll craft a story which will stick with your audience for a long period.

All dancers have to be strong and proficient in the movements of their genre, but without storytelling, choreography and character development, those moves will always be relegated to mere tricksterism and won't transcend into the sublime. Give your viewers the sizzle and the steak. We can have it all!

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