Avoiding Ingrown Hairs after Hair Removal

By Martha Fitzharris

It's summertime and yesterday you went to the beach. You shaved (or waxed) and your skin was perfectly smooth. But this morning you get up and notice small bumps on your once flawless skin!

The bad news is that if you ever plan on shaving (or waxing) you're probably on your way to ingrown hairs or razor bumps. To keep them from getting infected, you need to treat them right away.

Ingrown hairs aren't usually a problem, but in some people this may lead to more serious skin conditions such as barber's rash. Since this condition can actually be caused by a bacteria present in the nose it is highly recommended that you take razor bumps seriously and treat them at once.

Ingrown hair relief and razor bump relief can be achieved by following a few simple home remedies. If need be, you can also use exfoliating lotions and creams to alleviate the irritation caused by this skin condition.

How to treat ingrown hair

Your facial hair removal and body hair removal method have a lot to do with the formation of ingrown hairs. Shaving is often blamed for being the main cause of ingrown hairs, but the truth is that most people do not know the proper techniques to use. If you are using the wrong techniques while shaving then you will most definitely suffer from ingrown hairs.

What you should do to prevent ingrown hairs:

*Using sharp razors. Don't use dull blades because they can irritate the skin. They won't be able to give the hair a sharp cut, which will only increase the possibility of ingrown hairs.

*Prepare your skin beforehand. To have a successful, ingrown-free shave, you must prepare your skin by soaking it with warm water. This will soften your skin and hair making it much easier to shave.

*Don't shave against the grain, shave with the grain. This shaving technique actually increases your chances of developing ingrown hairs. Avoid shaving the same area more than twice and make sure that you always shave with the grain of your hair.

If you have ingrown hairs it's recommended that you deal with them at once to avoid further complications. However, if you prefer to wait till they disappear on their own, be warned, you may suffer from a small infection.

In order to get rid of an ingrown hair you should first, you should exfoliate the area and then apply a washcloth that has been soaked in warm water. Apply alcohol to the area to sterilize it. Then, take a pair of tweezers and coax the hair out from under the skin.

After having freed the trapped hair, reapply a little bit of alcohol to decrease the probability of infection. Dry the treated area and apply a natural moisturizing lotion.

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