Are You Yielded to The Holy Spirit?

By Lee Lightfoot

When something tricky in life occurs, perhaps a destructive thought, a feeling of stress, fury whom do you call on to help? Do you call on God, do you rely on Him and his promise that the Holy Spirit lives in you? Maybe you try and handle it yourself, or maybe you ignore it or you try your best to get thru the situation.

You want to not yield to the Holy Spirit or else you will stay in the same place if you attempt to make use of your own strength, your own mind, your own power. Instead , you can select to depend on Him, the Person that has got all you need. It is your choice, God's strength or your weakness. Deciding to depend on your own strength will lead to more stress, more hate, more dejectedness, or even more fear.

Depending on the power of The Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit who live in you will lead directly to joy, confidence and laughter. The Holy Spirit is your power source and guidance. It is Jesus living in you. Why would you not trust Him?

Calling on the Holy Spirit and yielding to Him for His infilling is not tough or complex. You received the Holy Spirit at the time you asked Jesus into your life. He is always with you and His guidance and power is always available. The trouble comes when we take back control over our lives and begin living it in our own power. When that occurs, we aren't full of the Spirit to the degree that we insist upon control.

Is there anything barring you from yielding complete control of every area of your life to the Holy Spirit at this time? If it is sin, you can confess that and He will forgive you. If it's fear or doubt or any other blockage, you can be very fair with Our Lord God and tell Him that and ask the Holy Spirit to help you overcome anything that keeps you from yielding everything to Him, including your doubt or unbelief. He will be devoted to do that.

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